Virtual and In-person Learning



*Drive Results with Talent *(Becoming a PI Practitioner)

Identify how your company can utilize data-driven insights to better understand what drives your employees.

Duration: 2-Day workshop in person or 3-Day Virtual

Audience: Talent Experts, Executives & Key Decision Makers
Learning Objectives & Immediate Impact

· Develop and apply practical organizational management strategies that maintain team members at their peak performance and engagement.

· Identify how your organization can utilize the insights provided by PI to address key business issues and opportunities.

· Build high-performing teams by understanding the diverse behavioral drives and needs of your workforce.

· Increased efficiency and productivity stemming from a more collaborative and engaged workforce.

· Improved recruitment and development of high potential talent fully aligned with company values, goals and culture

· Build a core group of experts able to apply the PI methodology where it will most affect change in the organization


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