Talent Challenges

Great Hires

Hiring people who ‘fit’ the role and the company culture is not always easy.  PI Assessments will reduce the risk and better predict how they will show up and be successful in the role.

building effective teams

There are many reasons why a team dynamic is not working. New leaders or projects, cross-functional teams with different drivers for success, teams in trouble and missing targets. 


Understanding who you have on the bench with high potential is one of the biggest challenges companies face.  Our tools can take away the guess work and provide data-driven self-awareness to build a roadmap to success.


Engaged employees has always been a struggle and now the hybrid workforce multiples the challenges both employees and leaders face keeping work engaging.   Just think how much simpler that would be if you knew through objective data what really drives someone?

Amplify your Workforce TALENT SOLUTIONS

Workforce Analytics:  As a certified PI Partner, we provide a comprehensive assessment portfolio that supports your business initiatives by decoding the human factor in your company.  Utilizing the objective data from the PI suite of assessments, helps make improved decisions related to hires, employee engagement and forming high-performing teams. 


The PI Job Assessment TM defines both the behavioral and cognitive recommendations which establishes a target for what great looks like in every role in your company.


The PI Behavioral Assessment TM is a science-based assessment that is both quick and easy administrators and participants. The result is an accurate depiction of the core drives which provides insights into the individuals needs and the behaviors that will show up.


The PI COGNITIVE Assessment TM measures an individual’s pace at which the learn, adapt and grasp new concepts in the workplace.  It’s an excellent additional piece of objective data to provide insights for approach to onboarding, predict the employee/ manager relationship, successful approach to coaching and mentoring.


Ever wonder what makes a dream team?  What are the dynamics that encourage them all to work successfully together to achieve the common goal?

During a Team Discovery session, we analyze the players, what are the individual strengths they bring to the team and then what does that collective team look like, what are they strengths and potential blind-spots that we need to uncover?
Additionally, we establish the team objectives and look at the alignment of players to the strategy we have defined for results.  All this ends with accountable action plans.


Professional in-person and virtual workshops to help you understand your self, your team and the best approach to achieve the work that needs to be performed to drive results.

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