Talent Optimization

From Business Strategy
To Business results

The reason to engage in Talent Optimization is to ensure your Talent Strategy aligns with your Business Strategy to drive ultimate Business Results

Workforce Behaviors

Business Strategy:

Your business strategy provides the roadmap to guide your business to success. It should be deliberate, simple, actionable, agreed upon and most importantly it needs to be clearly communicated to everyone in the organization.

Workforce Behaviors


Create and evolve your talent strategy, evaluate your leadership team fit & design your culture.

Workforce Behaviors


Utilize data captured through the PI Assessments to define the roles in the company, and then find the people who are aligned to what success looks like in each role.

Workforce Behaviors


Measure your people data, analyze it and prescribe remedies as needed.

Workforce Behaviors


Drive important employee growth and development initiatives with the people data gathered.


With your business strategy aligned with your people strategy you are headed towards optimal business results.

Optimizing Talents for Your Company

Workforce Behaviors is dedicated to helping your company develop effective talent strategies that would align to your business strategies. We would help you make sure that every person you hire is right for the job.

What's your talent optimization maturity level?

The Talent Optimization Maturity Model is a diagnostic tool that measures how competent your business is at talent optimization, and it will isolate problem areas so you know where you need the most improvement.

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Four Steps to Hire the Right Person

Four Steps to Hire the Right Person

Define and Communicate Job Requirements

As an employer, we should create a compelling job advertisement and always define the job as accurate as possible. We should be able to determine the things that are expected for the position. Soliciting the input of the stakeholder is also important.

Determine Candidate Cultural Fit

We should ensure that the candidates embody the company’s values and set the candidate’s expectations about the company’s culture.

Equip Your Leaders to Land Top Talent

During the interview, the interview team should collect the objective data about the candidates. The candidates whose cognitive and behavioral skins fit for the job should be prioritized.

Predict New Team Dynamics

We should always make an informed decision by understanding how a candidate compares to existing team members and predict how their addition would change the team dynamics.

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